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6 Jan
Xena Day 1

Xena Day 1

Xena found us in October of last year. We decided to adopt a puppy from a shelter, and as if the universe recognized this our paths crossed. I was doing some work for a woman who rescues and rehabilitates Huskies, and we volunteered a few times on their 5km walks. One day we had to discuss the website and as we drove up the driveway, this beautiful little white miracle was sitting in front of her gate. At first I thought she was a stray or a neighbor’s dog that got out, but she was taken in by this woman with two of her friends, a Pit bull and a Jack Russel. Her owners lost their jobs and had to move to a complex where they could not keep the dogs, and they could not afford them any longer. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. But we decided that she was too old already at 7 months, as we have another bigger and older dog. We felt that it would be easier with a puppy as there would be no threat.

Xena Day 1

Xena Day 1

A month or two later, this woman sent me an email, asking if we would be interested in taking Xena, as she and one of the other dogs (there were nine others) could not get along. Xena was now staying at boarding kennels indefinitely. We discussed it and decided we would take her on a trial basis, as our landlord has a young son, and to see if Spliffy would accept her. So she arrived one afternoon, my excitement was through the roof! She was all I talked about for a week! I was really nervous as well, butterflies and the works…We kept Spliffy inside, in order for Xena to smell the property first, and then the lady said to let Spliffy out without a leash! I was scared shitless! I stayed on the stoep, as he ran past looking for the intruder…Long story short, their meeting was brilliant! They played a little and then Spliffy ignored her for about a week or two.

Xena Today

Xena Today

Now three months later, they play everyday and I couldn’t be happier!The first three weeks were a struggle to say the least, they’ve had two fights, and with the last one I was alone, however I made them both too excited, when I know better!We tried to discipline her right from the beginning, and it’s been trial and error, but we are getting there slowly. She is impossible on a walk, she lunges and chokes herself, and she is extremely strong for a pup. She is Bull terrier after all, did I mention that? Although not pure bred. She still has some issues around food but we are figuring out now how to avoid certain situations. She is so sweet and unfortunately for us, she loves hair! Sneaking up behind you, she grabs some and pulls! Not so great when you are half asleep!

Xena Today

Xena Today

Anyway, when I look back now, I realize most of the fears and doubts I had were my issues…She has taught me patience, perseverance, and most of all to live in the moment. And of course to push through when I think I can’t do it…I am stronger than I think!



19 Mar

“To be whole, let yourself break.
To be straight, let yourself bend.
To be full, let yourself be empty.
To be new, let yourself wear out.
To have everything, give everything up.

Knowing others is a kind of knowledge;
knowing yourself is wisdom.
Conquering others requires strength;
conquering yourself is true power.
To realize that you have enough is true wealth.
Pushing ahead may succeed,
but staying put brings endurance.
Die without perishing, and find the eternal.

To know that you do not know is strength.
Not knowing that you do not know is a sickness.
The cure begins with the recognition of the sickness.

Knowing what is permanent: enlightenment.
Not knowing what is permanent: disaster.
Knowing what is permanent opens the mind.
Open mind, open heart.
Open heart, magnanimity.”

— Tao

Letter to me

30 Jan

You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith. ~Mary Manin Morrissey

This year I will live. I will savour each moment, learn from each mistake, accept it, let go of it and move on.

This year I will learn to simply be. I will listen to my voice and take that leap of faith, I will follow my heart, live intuitively without fear or doubt.

This year I will risk, I will make mistakes, I will fail, get back up and try again, stronger and wiser

This year I will love unconditionally, with my heart and soul, I will cry and hurt, embrace these moments. I will accept them, let them go and move on.

This year I will decide, I will shape my world, I will take responsibility.

This year I will be happy, because I choose to be. This year I will face my fears and I will grow. I will live consciously, mindfully, simply

This year I will live.