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12 Jan


Saving dogs



Love and Compassion

4 Oct


Love & Compassion

I read this beautiful article by the Dalai Lama on Love and Compassion, and found it to stir something inside of me. A new way of looking at human connection and social interaction. Instead of being anxious and fearful, I will try to replace these feelings with love and compassion. Which will ultimately help me in my quest to simply be. Without judgement. Without comparison. Without competition. A new perspective on other people regardless of their nature and behavior. Treating every soul equally, for we all have the same desire…to be content and loved.

Mindfulness challenge #1: Daily Meditation

26 Sep

"The fruit of silence is tranquility"

I have decided to start my own set of challenges in order to create more mindfulness in my everyday life. I will start small. This week’s challenge is to meditate everyday for at least ten minutes. Doesn’t matter when, as long as I just become silent and focus on my breathing.

The last couple of weeks has been very chaotic, and this will be a good way to balance my energy and emotions. The idea is to set a new goal each week, adding to the previous week’s challenge.

You can even join in and let me know how it goes for you.

Mindful meditation

– Concentrate on your breathing

– Breathing must be natural and gentle

– Become aware of your body movements and sensations as you breath

– Become aware of any sounds, smells, sensations around you without thinking about it, just experience it

– When your mind starts to wander, simply bring it back to your breathing

– Simply observe what unfolds in this present moment

– Let all thoughts, sounds, ideas, feelings etc. run their natural course.

– Be aware, experience and let go

Live by each others happiness, not by each others misery

23 Sep

Thank you Tuesday2