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Mindfulness challenge #1: Daily Meditation

26 Sep

"The fruit of silence is tranquility"

I have decided to start my own set of challenges in order to create more mindfulness in my everyday life. I will start small. This week’s challenge is to meditate everyday for at least ten minutes. Doesn’t matter when, as long as I just become silent and focus on my breathing.

The last couple of weeks has been very chaotic, and this will be a good way to balance my energy and emotions. The idea is to set a new goal each week, adding to the previous week’s challenge.

You can even join in and let me know how it goes for you.

Mindful meditation

– Concentrate on your breathing

– Breathing must be natural and gentle

– Become aware of your body movements and sensations as you breath

– Become aware of any sounds, smells, sensations around you without thinking about it, just experience it

– When your mind starts to wander, simply bring it back to your breathing

– Simply observe what unfolds in this present moment

– Let all thoughts, sounds, ideas, feelings etc. run their natural course.

– Be aware, experience and let go


Live by each others happiness, not by each others misery

23 Sep

Thank you Tuesday2

Dog development

23 Sep

Absolutely love this!!!

Dog Development
Dog Development graphic created by Pet365 – a UK stockist of amazing dog coats and brands like Hamish McBeth. Click here to view the full post.

Through the eyes of a dog

21 Sep

Through the eyes of a dog.


21 Sep

Cat stare


lazy cat

Obese yawning

dreamy cat